At Home learning activities for children

School is not the only place for learning new things. When your kids are at home, you are their teacher. So, get your children excited about exploring something new by converting the learning activities into fun activities.

If you’re looking to improve your kid’s social-emotional development and enhance his knowledge, here are some engaging and interesting activities for them to try at home.

In this article, we have collected some information on at-home learning activities for your children.

At-Home Learning Activities

1. Play Learning Games

Adapt games that get your children moving while learning new things. You can begin with a basic game for small kids that lets them learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and animals. For school-going children, pick a game that helps them learn about history, foreign language, and general knowledge.

2. Painting

If your kids love colors, painting can be an excellent option. You can encourage them to sketch whatever they like- flowers, animals, landscapes, and mountains, etc. Painting empowers their creative juices to flow freely and paint the world as they see it.

3. Practice Writing

You can teach your kids to write in a way that goes beyond paper and pencil. Let them plot ideas, connect the dots, and jot them on a piece of paper. Writing is a skill that your children will use throughout their life.

4. Treasure Hunt

Another exciting activity for kids is a treasure hunt. Hide different objects at different places in your house and leave clues for them to decipher. This game helps develop their problem-solving skills and enhances their cognitive abilities.

5. Counting Skills

Adapt to a game that allows your kids to count the objects while physically touching them. Such hands-on projects will help them learn better by activating their brains. If your kids have advanced counting skills, let them try different variations of the game. This would challenge them to think about the number of objects they see before them, thus improving their counting skills.

6. Yoga/ Exercises

Ask your kids to perform yoga or do exercises that help stimulate their mood. Yoga is an excellent means to keeping your kids active both physically and mentally. It is also a proven method to promote good health. They can start with basic asanas(yoga positions) and some simple breathing exercises.

7. Learn New Languages

Teaching a new language to your kids is a great way to keep them engaged for hours at home. You can find tutorials online which will help them learn the language of their choice. Learning a new language always comes with perks which can be in terms of exciting career opportunities.

8. Board Games

Another less-boring and playful way to bond with your kids is a board game. You can choose any board game including Chess, Ludo, Carom, and more. Playing these games will help them develop creative, analytical, and logical skills.

9. Gardening

Gardening is a great way to teach your kids the value of eating right. It’s a great way to teach them patience. Gardening will keep your children busy while allowing them to develop a sense of responsibility within themselves.

10. Explore World Cultures

You can help your children learn about the different cultures around the world. The knowledge will enrich their awareness of traditions across the world. They will also learn cultural etiquette and new words from the official languages of different countries.

The final word

We hope this article provided some new at-home activity ideas for your kids. If you have an idea that you would like to share with us, please tell us about it in the comment section below. We would love to include them in our list.

Stay tuned for more articles.

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